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tu sais que saint liem de la paz et moi, nous sommes allés la même école (colegio de san juan de letran).

Otto K.

wonderful shots, Sidney.


Nice photos of religious traditions in the Philippines.

From Kindergarten to high school, I went to a lot of similar processions but have never seen those large posters.

BTW, I wonder if my hubby and his mom are related to Beata Juana de Aza (I doubt it, heheh).


Religion seems very present in Philippines !


The doll in the third photo looks like something out of a low budget horrow film :-)


Caché ce "saint" que je ne serais voir... :-)). Je suis fasciné devant tant de ferveur religieuse moi qui suis un mécréant.


hey Sydney its good that you are back once again in blogging.

I used to attend the said procession when I was in Manila before and seeing those saints amazes me. They are the only order/parish here in the philippines who has a complete Carozas with images of their respective saints.

Sto. Domingo church is the most powerful and richest parish in Manila. No wonder they have their own carozas. In provinces, carozas and images like those are owned by rich families and is only brought out in the public during lent


Je suis impressionnée par la troisième image : il est en lévitation ? :-o


Great shots from the parade.

Gérard Méry

çà devient carnaval !


thank you for visiting

nice pictures by the way :)
happy weekend and have a nice day!


I personally think the statues look creepy, too, even though I have seen a lot of these processions before. The statues still freak me out. I even had a nightmare about them before. Great job documenting the event, btw.


I like the second to the last photo. There are beautiful ladies ;)


I love Pinas b/c of the various festivals they have there. It's really interesting!



Un bon business les images d'Epinal, les offrandes, les indulgences, les rachats de péchés (avec ou sans subprime) ... semble-t'il.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Great photos. It's nice to see the different patron saints.


toujours ces foules et grandes processions...


wonderful captures of the parade, I have many friends who I work with from there and I have always wanted to visit there, your blog is making me want even more to visit your wonderful country


une étonnante galerie de saints !!!!


Great candid shots! First time I've seen those placards with saints' pitures, like big stampitas.


This seems to be a huge parade. Very interesting snaps of the Saints.


I don't know why, but those posters of saints kind of scared me.


Wow! Never been to one of those procession. ;P

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